Upcoming 2012 "iTulip Select/Eastham Capital Fund III" Webinars

Eastham Capital is a private equity real estate investment company which focuses on providing investors
with superior risk-adjusted returns through investments in multifamily real estate. Eastham Capital launched Eastham
Capital Fund I in September 2007, Eastham Capital Fund II in July 2010, and is launching Eastham Capital Fund III in 2012.

Eastham Capital's Management Team:

Matthew Rosenthal
Co-Founder, Managing Director
In 1994, Matt began his real estate careerby co-founding Stratford Management. Stratford has acquired, rehabilitated and
sold over 2500 apartment and townhomeunits since its inception. Matt was first employed by the nascent Princeton Review
in the fall of 1982, working side by sidewith the founder. A few years later, Mattopened The Princeton Review of Boston,
which grew to be the largest franchisenetwork of The Princeton Review. In 1990, his franchises were selected to be a
memberof the Inc. 500. Their businesses werepurchased by the franchisor in conjunctionwith its IPO in March 2001.
Matt sits on the Board of Directors of the JF&CS of Boston and on the finance committee of the Town of Weston, MA.
Matt attended the University of Chicago and the Harvard University Extension School.

Eric S. Silverman
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Over the past 25 years Eric has cofounded a number of mortgage, banking and real estate related companies and was
the CEO and Chairman of RentGrow which provides applicant screening technology and services to the multifamily
Eric also managed the private
investment arm of a family office which invested in companies, both directly and as a limited
partner in venture capital and private equity funds. He is a founding director of Leader Bank (Arlington, MA)
and a trustee
of Partners
Continuing Care (Partners Healthcare). Eric graduated from Bowdoin College with an AB in Mathematics and
the MIT Sloan School of
Management with a SM in Finance.

Eastham Capital's Strategy (quotes from Eastham Capital):
"Eastham Capital looks to provide its investors with a gross compounded annual internal rate ofreturn (“IRR”) in excess
of 18% from property cash flows and dispositions. This is accomplished by focusing on “Value-Added” investing in distressed
real estate assets. A distressed real estateasset is one with high vacancy rates, deferred maintenance, outdated appliances
and usuallyinadequate real estate management. We buy, renovate, stabilize and resell properties which areunder performing
relative to their local markets.

We invest with a diverse network of local andregional real estate owners and operators that have established successful
track records ofownership and operation of real estate assets. We call them Manager/Developers (“M/Ds”). This allows us
to access knowledge of local real estate markets. These M/Ds must investalongside us and must manage the assets themselves
(no 3rd party management). Our funds invest in multifamily properties with asset values in the $1.5 million to $15 millionrange.
We believe that this niche presents very attractive investment opportunities for our fundsand allows us to “fly under the radar”
of the larger institutional real estate funds.

In EasthamCapital Fund II, we have selected to invest in a combination of projects ranging in the categories of “higher quality”
properties, which need little renovation and will provide cash flowimmediately, to “substantial rehabilitation” projects which require
significant construction andrepositioning before earning any cash flow, but will provide a significant return post renovationand
upon sale. By combining these types of investments we are able to distribute significant cashflow and produce superior returns
for our investors." (end quotes)

"iTulip Select/Eastham Capital Webinar" is back
iTulip has hosted the "iTulip/Eastham Capital Fund II" webinars series for our members in 2010, and is pleased to announce that
the "iTulip Select/Eastham Capital Webinar" is back. This year, Eastham Capital will present "Eastham Capital Fund III" webinars
for iTuliper members at the following schedules (EDT):

  • Thursday, January 26th @3PM
  • Wednesday, February 8th @3PM
  • Monday, February 27th @11AM

The duration for each webinar is one hour. To attend, please visit our
for details.

We look forward to seeing you at the Webinar!

*The webinars are exclusive to iTulip Select subscriber only.