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At what point would you open fire?

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    Re: At what point would you open fire?

    Originally posted by shiny! View Post
    I voted Libertarian almost exclusively from 1980 until fairly recently, until I finally had to face the fact that they were a party of crackpots. I agree with Libertarian principles, but the individuals in the party are soooo out of touch with most voters; sooooo not ready for prime time. As a party they've had 40 years to get their act together but have failed to gain any meaningful traction. And they're probably the largest and most established of the 3rd parties.
    LOL, preaching to the choir. Every time I wanted to get behind them the candidate would have legalizing pot in their top 3 issues. I'm not against it, but it's not a top 3 important issue for the country...even worse, it's not a top 3 best Libertarian issue. Gives new meaning to your use of the term crack"pot". Maybe with marijuana gaining critical mass of legalization it will fall-off of the standard Libertarian platform and the party will be more successful in spite of itself.

    The way to overcome the spending issue is to use the parties in spite of themselves; like Ron Paul as Libertarian uses the Republican cloak, Bernie as Independent/(Socialist?) uses the Democrat cloak, and actually as Trump as, well, Trump used the Republican moniker.

    Lastly, your quasi, and potentially unintended, reference to lead as a precious metal gave me a real belly laugh. So true.
    "...the western financial system has already failed. The failure has just not yet been realized, while the system remains confident that it is still alive." Jesse