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How to stop governments engaging in war

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  • How to stop governments engaging in war

    30 minute video: April 2014 - Stefan Molyneux at TNW (The Next Web) conference . I'll be upfront here. This video talks about gold and bitcoin. The basic premise of the video is that wars cost money. Governments pay for wars through currency inflation/debasement and going into deep debts to be paid by future generations. If governments couldn't inflate their currencies to pay for wars there would be more peace in the world. Enter gold and bitcoin. I had never thought about bitcoin or gold in this way before. Obviously governments can go off the gold standard, and no government without excruciating pressure would ever adopt a crypto currency they weren't able to manipulate themselves; however, people can choose to stop using fiat currencies that give too much power to government (and their cronies, banksters, etc). You can't pay for goods with gold in 99.999% of retail outlets in 'meat-space' or on the internet; however, bitcoin is now beginning to get accepted by retailers world-round.

    Stefan is a good speaker with an obvious libertarian slant, but he makes some interesting points. If you're on iTulip your eyes are probably already open, but if you like the video perhaps you can share it with somebody else who could use a basic introduction to inflation and how governments fund wars.

    Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution - Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference

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