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$350 oil?

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  • $350 oil?
    Not too sure, but he been right before.

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    Re: $350 oil?

    Ya. We're gonna get it Miker. Only don't be in such a bleeding hurry to see it. That's when we are all going to start feeling like we have heavy bar-bells strapped to our ankles. Much less long distance travel, much less mobility. Everything costing so sky-high that today's prices will seem dirt cheap. With luck we still have a few years before the worst of it. Yer such a doomer - always in such a bleeding hurry to see the crap arrive, so you can test out how your foul weather gear is keeping out the rain and sleet.


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      de Large, will you stop creating so many damn threads. Not everyone wants to go through your spam threads everytime you see an article that makes you go cross-eyed. Just put all your posts in one thread.

      We've not hit 150, why the f*ck do you care about 350? If oil hits 350, I'm getting out my Bible and staying inside. We're nowhere near there.
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