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    Re: SodaStream

    Originally posted by dcarrigg View Post
    I remember some years ago that coca cola entered into some partnership with Keurig to do something similar. Don't recall what happened with it.

    I got a soda stream some years back, probably when this thread started. Still have it. Was a Christmas gift, because I drink a lot of seltzer. But refilling the canisters is more difficult now. Only place around that does it is Staples, and they are often out of stock. When they are not, it is $26 to exchange before tax now, price went up. Says it does 60L, I get more like half of that. Liter bottles at the grocery store go two for a dollar, sometimes cheaper. So it costs more to make it yourself. Barely touched it this last year. Back to buying bottles and cans.
    Sounds like a business model similar to inkjet printers.

    For sparkling water, wouldn't it make more sense to use a system that takes generic CO2 cartridges rather than brand-specific refils, and use it with plain tap water (or filter it in your house, if the quality isn't great)?
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