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The Real Deal? Or just another ploy to win votes?

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  • The Real Deal? Or just another ploy to win votes?

    I will always have my doubts about Rand Paul (because of his profession as a politician), but he will probably be the first person to earn my vote. Consider this: he is working, as a legislator, to reclaim the power of the legislature from the executive branch!

    Presidents and future Presidents tend to seek to increase the power of their office or prospective office, not to limit it. I do not know of the likelihood of its passage, but this measure sets a strong precedent away from unilateral war via executive action and towards putting more politicians' skins in the game when it comes to war. Proposing this declaration of war is something a true believer in the Constitution and its role as the supreme law of the land would do, and I for one hope that that is the sum of motives for it because this proposition is also what would be done by someone attempting to appear as a true believer in the Constitution.

    Time will tell, and maybe eventually a more responsive legislature can revisit the War Powers Act and all of the other abdications of legislative authority passed over the years to cede power to the executive branch. I can dream, can't I? I hear there's amnesty for dreamers...

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    Re: The Real Deal? Or just another ploy to win votes?

    This is good. Thanks for posting.