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    There have been many who have been concerned that recent events, regarding the COVID crisis, have brought forward the need for the entire episode to be set before a Court of law. In my own case I had, during October 2020, set out to present my concerns before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. What has gone wrong for everyone constantly saying the so called vaccines are safe, are the ongoing death statistics, a good example being the United States death rate is currently ~40% above normal trend levels. You may not know, but a funeral director John O'Looney based in Milton Keynes, and speaking for 40 or so additional members of his profession surrounding him, was interviewed last September, After watching the interview, I immediately travelled to Southampton Central Police Station and I filed a charge of murder against the NHS, and a copy of my further submission to the police is herewith attached. More recently, I became aware that all Chief Constables had deferred to the ICC, and my action had been placed into a form of suspension . . . apparently, (in truth I can only surmise), due to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, ICC, having acknowledged the applicants, receipt of the attached copy of the filed charges against a number of individuals, including Boris Johnson our Prime Minister.

    You might also be interested to know that, when I became aware of the ICC charges, I set into motion a Parliamentary debate petition on the subject of the ICC charges, on the basis that it was important for Parliament to debate the ICC charges, which, after I had been able to qualify my petition, it was refused. Except that within a week the government had set into motion the retraction of all mandates. (Which also shows just how much all news of any such actions are being actively suppressed, as, clearly, Parliament did not know about it before I applied for the debate).

    Many years ago I had asked a question of similar importance and had, as a part of my enquiry, asked Lord Denning, then Master of the Rolls, to confirm I was correct; that the rule of the law applies to everyone; which he very kindly agreed I was correct. In fact that question went all the way to the Privy Council, who kindly wrote back to me.

    Another aspect of the law which seems to be forgotten nowadays is; by law, it is the responsibility of every citizen, who, believing they are witness to what they believe is a criminal act by another . . . must immediately report their suspicions to the police. The continuing actions to try and make out that people like me are some form of idiot that must be silenced; The Conversation; "Covid: how anti-vaccine influencers exploit mothers" . . . being an excellent example . . . are blatant attempts to try and make out that mRNA treatments, (they are no form of vaccine), are safe, even for children; when overwhelming evidence to the contrary is readily available. For further record, I am by no means alone in believing that the rule of the law must be applied to the actions resulting in what are now massive crimes against humanity being made by the seeming majority of the medical profession.

    As of today I believe that there are a number of actions being pursued in law against what are believed to be blatant crimes against humanity; none of which are being reported. No, I take no pleasure in having to report any crime; it is simply the duty of a citizen to do so.

    Up to this moment, the International Criminal Court in the Hague has not publicly announced acceptance of the charges placed before it. There are valid concerns that the ICC will never do so.

    Dr Reiner Fuellmich an attorney with very substantial career success, has, with the support of a large number of other attorneys created a US style Grand Jury before a judge, which as I write this, is well into the presentation of detailed evidence of what has occurred. Scroll down the page to find the links to the ongoing presentation of evidence.

    All I can do now is ask everyone to watch the formal presentation of the evidence of crimes against humanity.
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