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  • Welcome to the Metaverse

    Like the mobile internet the beginning of the metaverse or fully immersive internet will not be based in a moment, a set of products or apps. It will continue to develop and become more robust over time. I see it as the most important technological transformation over the next two decades. I could of course be wrong but for anyone interested in understanding this idea I’ve linked a marketing overview from Adobe which is to the metaverse what the Blackberry was to mobile connectivity; a start. You can watch it here:

    For a deeper dive into understanding the metaverse and all it’s component parts, you can read Matthew Ball’s nine part primer on the subject.

    If you don’t know who this is, go to his home page and read his bio before reading the primer. Hat tip to jk for disagreeing with my rather terse comment on the metaverse from another thread. Enjoy reading.

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    Thanks santafe2. Cool article my Mathew Ball.