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    Re: Meantime in Sweden

    Originally posted by jk View Post
    mitigation/isolation strategies have several effects. they slow the spread of the disease and so lower the ongoing demands on the medical system; they don't just spread out cases, they may ameliorate or even eliminate cases - i.e. if you slow the spread you have more time to develop treatments and possibly a vaccine. thus cases which would appear later may be better treated or may not occur at all.
    I didn't say that isolation wasn't beneficial.
    I suggested that it wasn't sustainable.


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      Re: Meantime in Sweden

      Originally posted by Techdread View Post
      We should be, This freedom Shite that we are brainwashed into which is an bloody illusion, is hampering our response.
      Accept we are all just a data point and this disease and other societal ills would be a little easier to tackle, ask the South Koreans or the Icelandics what big data can do for you.

      But hey we have liberty and freedom...........
      Yes, I had quite noticed the global masses clamouring to enter China and South Korea and Iceland, and bring their spouses and children to live there. And then sponsor the parents, aunts and uncles to emigrate.
      The waters off Incheon teeming with Italian boat people heading for landfall.
      The French and German hordes travelling the old Silk Road to scale the Great Wall (did the ancient Chinese make the invading ancestors pay for it, I wonder) and make their way overland to a new life in Beijing.
      UK refugees instinctively recalling maritime traditions to successfully navigate the North Atlantic in primitive sailing craft in search of the volcanic paradise powered by microchips and Oracle (is trading one inbred island home for another actually "progress"?).
      All desperately trying to escape the freedom Shite brainwashing. The UNHCR really should do something about the situation.
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        Re: Meantime in Sweden

        Originally posted by GRG55 View Post
        I didn't say that isolation wasn't beneficial.
        I suggested that it wasn't sustainable.
        The lockdowns are not sustainable or beneficial. It's been an unmitigated disaster. The states and countries that locked down show no meaningful benefit when compared to those geographies that did not. In Europe, Belgium locked down and so far has lost 8,903 people. Sweden remained open and has lost 3,529. Apples to apples, that's 779.46 deaths per million in Belgium versus 346.55 for Sweden.

        The Swedes are doing better than Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France and are virtually neck-in-neck with the country with the next lowest count, the Netherlands. The Dutch count more absolute numbers of dead (5,590) as compared to Sweden and there's only a 22 deaths per million difference between them.

        When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp reopened his state for business last month, he was derided as a coronavirus "denier" and a murderer with "blood on his hands." His opponent, Governor-in-Exile and romance novelist Stacy Abrams, recently spoke with renowned epidemiologist Whoopi Goldberg on the women's morning science show "The View" and accused Kemp of "putting his own personal politics ahead of the needs of the people of Georgia" - an act entirely alien to the selfless constitution of Let's Pretend I'm Gov. Abrams as she lobbies to be Joe Biden's vice president.

        Why after all, even the Democratic mayors of the largest Democratic cities in the state agree that the Republican governor of Georgia is a night-riding Josef Mengele, conducting what Atlantic Magazine calls an “experiment in human sacrifice.”

        Yet much to the chagrin of the "we're all going to die" caucus, their confident, entirely scientific, not at all politically motivated predictions amplified by MSNBC pundits that Kemp had unleashed a calamity on the Peach State appear to be completely wrong. In a state comprising of some 10.7 million people, the Wuhan coronavirus is blamed for a total of more than 1,500 deaths and more than 6,250 hospitalizations. But since May 1, the daily count of confirmed cases and deaths have dropped markedly.

        While the lockdowns haven't done much for the virus, perhaps unsurprisingly what with the original models that motivated them now being completely discredited (along with the reputation and career of its progenitor, the amorous Dr. Ferguson), they have been exceedingly effective at destroying the health of the economy and have created some 36 million unemployed workers and eliminated the livelihoods of millions of business owners.

        The lockdowns have also been quite a boon to the fortunes of authoritarian politicians, police, and health officials. But in the absence of the millions of predicted deaths and in the face of economic and social ruin, the tide is starting to turn. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin recently ruled that the state's stay at home orders are illegal, writing that “an agency cannot confer on itself the power to dictate the lives of law-abiding individuals as comprehensively as the order does without reaching beyond the executive branch’s authority.” Hopefully, more litigation is in store to curtail this illegal exercise of power in violation of our civil rights under color of law.
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          Re: Meantime in Sweden


          USNS Mercy arrives in Los Angeles to support Covid-19 response
          Diana Stancy Correll, Navy Times, March 27

          The hospital ship USNS Mercy arrived in Los Angeles, California, on Friday after departing Monday from Naval Base San Diego...The vessel, which has 1,000 hospital beds and more than 800 Navy medical personnel and support staff, will be treating non-Covid-19 patients to allow local health professionals to treat those suffering from the virus.


          U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy to depart Port of L.A. Friday
          Nouran Salahieh, 14 May 2020, KTLA 5 News Los Angeles

          A U.S. Navy hospital ship will leave the Port of Los Angeles Friday, seven weeks after arriving to provide relief to local hospitals amid coronavirus pandemic, authorities announced. The USNS Mercy had arrived at a time when state and local officials were anticipating a crush of COVID-19 hospitalizations that threatened to overwhelm local hospitals...The navy ship ended up treating 77 patients and discharged its final patient last week, six weeks after first docking in L.A., U.S. 3rd Fleet spokesman Cmdr. John Fage told told USNI News.


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            Re: Meantime in Sweden

            "Estimated speed"

            Like General Westmoreland & his "Body count".



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              Re: Meantime in Sweden

              What are some good recipes for crow?

              Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


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                Re: Meantime in Sweden

                Originally posted by Mega View Post
                One suspects forth coming MASS unemployment might have more to do with it.
                I recall the early 1980's & the BIG HAIR etc.....even short haircuts were very styled ......needed to catch the eye of a nice (employed Bloke).
                Looks like the Swedes regret not taking harsher action.

                Sweden's controversial decision not to impose a strict lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic led to too many deaths, the man behind the policy, Anders Tegnell, has acknowledged.
                Sweden has seen a far higher mortality rate than its nearest neighbours and its nationals are being barred from crossing their borders.
                Dr Tegnell told Swedish radio more should have been done early on.
                "There is quite obviously a potential for improvement in what we have done."
                Sweden has counted 4,542 deaths and 40,803 infections in a population of 10 million, while Denmark, Norway and Finland have imposed lockdowns and seen far lower rates.
                Denmark has seen 580 deaths, Norway has had 237 deaths and Finland 321. Sweden reported a further 74 deaths on Wednesday.



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                  Re: Meantime in Sweden

                  Swedes did not fare much better on the economic front either as citizens cut discretionary spending.


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                    Re: Meantime in Sweden

                    posts #39 and #43


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                      Told ya.