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  • Liberia

    You want a world education? You want some of the best video journalism you will ever see? You want to be disabused of your anarchist tendencies?

    See all 8. You won't need to be prompted.

    All 8 are now linked together:

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

    Part V

    Part VI

    Part VII

    Part VIII

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    Re: Liberia

    Fascinating and appalling at the same time. And those are some really intrepid "journalists".

    I was in Ghana (2 countries to east in west Africa) in 2000, and spent 2 weeks traveling from capital of Accra to northern border near Burkina Faso, with a non-profit organization. We went into many towns and villages and met folks from all levels of society. It was nothing like this. My impression was of a very tribal but peaceful country, where one's first loyalty is to one's clan and tribe.

    There was only 1 government TV station (need satellite for any others). Outside Accra and Kumasi, I saw no supermarkets, department stores, movie theaters. Very few cars, most villages are not electrified, etc. As in Liberia, Christian religion is very strong, especially in the south.

    But Ghana's ambiance is totally different from what is shown here of Liberia. In south Ghana, agriculture and fishing dominate. Since rains and fish are reliable (south is in the rain belt), the look in most villages and towns is one of hard-working, but adequately fed people. Life is harder in the north, where it is much drier, but even there most folks spend most of their time farming and raising small animals.

    Why the difference? I believe it's the difference between a history of war (Liberia) and a history of peace (Ghana). Ghana has been relatively free of war over the last 30 years, and it also has a fairly strong central government, and since around 2000, regular elections. The different tribes do jostle for power and position in Ghana during election season (I was there during one) but on the whole, it just work there.

    There are people in Liberia who now working to mend their society and their government. After watching these videos, we can only hope that they succeed.

    PS> Liberia is what Libertarianism looks like in its purest form. The government is minimal, makes no effort to interfere in people's lives, nor does it help them in any way. The biggest and baddest do best because there are no rules and it's every man for himself.