More or Less Weekly Message From

The articles below originally appeared in Green Magazine between November 1999 and September 2000.  Green Magazine was acquired by in 2001.  Some of the articles written by Janszen that appeared in Green are preserved in their original form at  Others are preserved as copies on, others survive only in their original form in the Urgent Message section of, and a few didn't survive at all.
Now, Where's That Other Shoe? (9/7/2000) Copy
Recession 2000 (4/28/2000) Copy
ZDNet Columnist Blows the Call (4/25/2000)
Janszen Crying Wolf? Not So Fast. (3/21/2000)
All Financial Manias Develop More or Less the Same Way (3/16/2000)
The Beginning of the End (3/9/2000) Urgent Message "We're Almost There"
Stock Market Musical Chairs (2/23/2000) "Panic"
What will Pop the Internet Bubble? (11/29/199)