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Thread: Howard Ruff interviews John Williams

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    Default Howard Ruff interviews John Williams

    Howard Ruff interviews John Williams

    John Williams publishes the Shadow Government Statistics newsletter ( He is an amazing professional economist with a great grasp of the real economy. He and I have arrived at the same conclusions about almost everything in the economy, despite the fact that we approach it from totally different directions: me from the fundamentals, and he from a real technical and numbers point of view.

    I am now in John’s home in Oakland, California, looking past the government numbers to get his views on the world as it really is. Shadow Government Statistics reconstructs published government statistics the accurate way we used to do it that reflects reality, rather than the way these numbers are now manipulated, and comes up with different conclusions about the economy, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and other revealing areas published by government.

    I trust John’s numbers because the government has been manipulating and restating these numbers for purely political purposes.

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