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It still amazes me why anyone would still pay attention to Stratfor.

Friedman continues to show his complete ignorance combined with a Foggy Bottom (State Department) view of the world.

The idea that the Central Asian republics or the near Slavic neighbors like Belarus would 'go the other way' completely ignores the reality of the economic situation in these countries: poor and heavily dependent on Russian energy and cash infusions.

The US might be able to replicate the latter, but it cannot force Russia to continue to sell sub-market priced energy.

Ukraine - the grand experiment in this - has accomplished exactly what the US did not want: a cooperation between Germany and Russia to create more channels than the Soviet era infrastructure spanning the Ukraine.

To this day I have yet to see any mention of the many bcm of natural gas the Ukraine has 'disappeared' while in transit from Russia. This has been credited as 'transit reserve' when in fact it is almost certainly all burnt in Ukrainian steel smelters.

As for Biden - I would be continually amazed at his big mouth were it not for the 20 years of flapping I've already seen. Here in Russia the commentary on Biden's speechifying boiled down to: "do what we (the US) say, not what we do". And the response was *yawn*.
stratfor... useless for econ analysis but used to be good for geopolitics. so much competition now that does a better job.

biden was the obvious white guy to run with obama but it's a choice his handlers have to manage every friggin minute of the day.