My colleague at work just got through lecturing me on how BOA is one of the "good banks". They are fine. In fact, they are in such good shape that they were buying other banks.

Sometimes I forget that the MM really does control the country. This guy is a smart guy who follows the news closely. WTF!

On a related rant... everybody I talk to seems to either have their head in the sand or they see that things are bad but they themselves are OK because _____________ & ___________ & __________

Those include, "I have a job", "I have a house", "Things will get better at the end of the year", "Housing is great deal now", "stock market is turning around", "Obama" ... blah, blah, blah.

The general theme of it all is "me, myself, and I" will be fine. It really saddens me. Things are going to have to get A LOT worse before attitudes change. People do not care about TARP, deficits, inflation, taxation, G20, etc. They only care about the here, now, and themselves.