only problem with german cars is that they are expensive.

as for all the people who are super defensive about US cars, my current japanese car has far outlasted any american built car that my parents have bought, and they always buy either ford or chevy.

Finally, let me respond to this:

You need to get someone who really knows cars to contribute on the auto industry:
The problem with this is that all, and I mean ALL reporters who work for automotive magazines have a vested interest in a booming auto industry. There are so many car mags out there (dubs, car and driver, trend motor, god there's like hundreds of them), they are directly dependent on new car sales. I have read a lot of these mags while waiting for cars being serviced (just oil changes and basic maintenance, thank you), and it is a joke how biased these guys are. While this lady is very negative, you guys who are super defensive fail to see the validity of her opinions. Also, this is an op-ed type piece, not a news report. Ignore her concerns at your own peril, but there are a lot of us who feel similarly, American cars have really bit the dust over the past 20 years, and I agree with the overall sentiment - the upper management has completely failed the big 2.5.