After the fall of the USSR, Russia solved it's pension & public employee wage problem by letting the ruble crash (after the elite were given a chance to save their assets of course), while keeping the same nominal wages & pensions. This was when university professors began growing their own potatoes & working in the bazaars to make ends meet.

I recall an art teacher who told me that her wage was not enough to support herself & her daughter on, so being resourceful she got herself a job as an artist in the red army (painting signs, but also murals, etc.), which still paid decent wages and had a lot of freebees attached like subventioned apartments, etc. But then the bloated army was finally forced to downsize and she lost that job. This was in the period ('98?) when one could see semi-starving people on the streets, with a sort of glazed expression one does not forget once having recognized it for what it is.

So, no problemo, the pension problem can be solved! :eek: