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How about a link to Max Kaiser saying such? At any rate I have read this claim before, as well as rebuttals such as a 1974 tour of the vault by members of congress and the media. Inevitably this topic turns into a conspiracy theory impasse where neither side is willing to budge.

Just for some additional info, all of the gold in Fort Knox, however much there may actually be, was and is entirely the property of the United States government. The New York Fed vault (which reportedly contains nearly twice as much as Fort Knox) stores gold which is primarily owned by foreign governments.
You are right, at least in part.

  • The Max Kaiser sites are getting a redo so my links to his radio show have gone walkabout -- but he mentions it often enough that showing a link might be redundant.
  • I forgot about the disambiguation of the 2 sites, but the long and short of it may be the long term emptying of the NY Fed Vault.
  • I expect all nations using the NY Fed Vault to maintain some small reserve to secure transactions in the Americas.
  • Having had a last big audit in 1974 automatically would lead to a GAAP declaration of Audit Failure. An audit once every 5 years would barely bring the facility into GAAP compliance.
  • I am not a conspiracy theory person at all, but a lot of this is almost getting to look like "The Mouse That Roared"