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Thread: Ponzi schemes: Social Security & Medicare due for total collapse ...

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    Default Ponzi schemes: Social Security & Medicare due for total collapse ...

    Ponzi schemes: Social Security & Medicare due for total collapse ... no matter how this global finance system crisis plays itself out.

    Odds and sods

    • Alaska, Hawaii & Guam don't even pay into Social Security, and ditto for Medicare.
    • Social Security Disability actually forces the more able out of the workforce permanently -- so their ability to pay any kind of real taxes goes to nil.
    • Medicare has been sucked on the US medical community for decades in ways that make this tiny fragment of socialized medicine in the US cost way more than the total cost of running the NHS (in total overall running costs not in direct GAAP costs).
    • Most of the US productive capacity has been offshored, so the US lacks a way to export its way out of this manufactured crisis. Except for Agricultural productive capacity, it is not so easy to bring this productive capacity back.
    • The relative lack of health care for children in the US will probably indirectly contribute to the implosion of social Security and Medicare -- but it will not be mathematically obvious until after the fact. This has been a 40 to 50 year problem that the US has never really fixed...
    • The reduction of the ratio of workers to retirees is actually not part of the real world structural problems of Social Security and Medicare -- but it is a universal 'fly in the ointment' of all national retirement schemes that fail to adapt to it correctly.
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