US education system K-12 collapse will make finsec crisis worse...

Clearly this will make global finsec crisis worse for the US due to all of the carry on effects. The global finsec crisis will last for more decades for the US as well because of this problem.


  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Australia, Canada & NZ
  • Japan, and other parts of Asia with adequately functioning education systems (although there are some creativity issues here)

have had better functioning education systems than the US -- these nations will leave the crisis sooner as well as adapting to its systemic problems better.

The K-12 problems in the US are profound, and not new -- the collapse was all but permanent at the end of the Cold War (1989-1992).

The US has a vast part of its population, of Adult age (but young aka Under 40) -- that is not interested in learning and totally out of touch with reality.

For about ~35% of the US public school population, it is almost impossible to distinguish between Special Education kids and the normal ones (NB: The SP ED kids are at least more obedient or academically inclined, Believe it or not...).

Unlike in the 1930s when the economy collapsed -- the education system held in a simi-intact sate. The end result was a boom time after WWII ... and intense technological and social innovations and changes.

That will not happen with this Titanic Hyperdepression, the US will go from a so called Wealthy Nation and World Power to a has been that is at best like a upmarket Rhodesia.

The US population with 1982-Present HS graduation dates is not like this so called American Imperialist "Greatest Generation" (it is not a Canadian or Mexican concept, least you forget).