Proposed names for replacement currency after value USD = beach sand or fish processing waste...

As the US is a society run from the top down, the public will get no say in the naming no matter what.

So here are some names that should be tried

  1. Heleurhelon HE LEUR HE LON
  2. Kakikoouie KA KI KOOUYA
  3. Nullvoid
  4. Throb
  5. Vangaak (or Vaangaak)
  6. Eeoises II OISES
  7. Wowefwanke WO FWANKE, possibly woewoefwanke WO WO FWANKE

Sadly, I don't have a program to randomly mix vowels and consonants together ... but remember that the American Imperealist bureaucrats that are the slaves of the US ruling class will only obey and do what the US ruling class really wants. Expect a currency name that is even more demeaning than the ones you see before you.