I know that I have been on a "Jim Rogers" spree lately in the video section.

So before Spartacus calls for a "Jim on steroids" in the Rant & Rave section, I hope that EJ, Ed. and fellow iTulipers will think of something to ask Jim that fits outside Mr. Rogers usual message contained in these clips...

Quick Summary (not exhaustive)

- This is going to be worse than the depression

- Raising capital taxes is a mistake

- Protectionism is a mistake

- The City of London is drying up [sorry Mike]

- The sterling is finished

- The UK and the US will not be able to sell government bonds in the future

- LTCM is one of the seed of our current problems, because the CB bailed it out in 1998

- Bailing out Northern Rock was a mistake

- First time in history that underdeveloped nations are financing the developed nations

- Inflating away has never worked in the median and long-term; it has never worked

- I don't want to be poor again...I have done that

- I sold all of my sterling 6 months ago

- What they say [CBs] is that we will take the money back of the system once inflation kicks in; I don't believe a word of it

- You are starting to see civil unrest in "prosperous" nations; we will have more. Be prepared.

- A lot of people in Asia - and also farmers - are going to make a lot of money...and drive Ferrari