Fleet age is typically 8.5 years. Taking current auto sales rate and dividing it into number of licensed vehicles in US, we get an average turnover rate of 25.5 years.

It has never been this high before (data starts in 1967)

Will your current vehicle last for 25.5 years? I didn't think so.

Talk to Avis, Tilden, etc. They blow through thousands of new vehicles every month due to accidents. Eventually they run low and have to buy new ones. Or will they? Rent a Wreck may get a whole new level of competitors. If they stay with just new rental cars, will this eventual inventory replacement be in time to save the auto makers?

In Cuba, many vehicles are still 1950's vintage vehicles. Maybe we can keep them running? Unfortunately, planned obsolescence has been designed into today's vehicle, unlike the 1950's.