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While Bush's version of the American empire appears hell bent on destroying, those in opposition are attempting to build for a better future for themselves. History tells us that sooner, or later, empires either fade away or go down in flames. When madmen are at the helm, the result is always the latter.
I don't know, I'm not a big Federalist fan whether it's a Republican President or a Democratic President, I'm no fan of Bush but I'm not sure I would use the term madman to describe him. Who helped deliver world record profits to the Seven Sisters last year? Who helped Halliburton from having to file for bankruptcy? Who is charging the rest of the world to pay for the empires war? I think madmen don't deliver on their promises to those they represent. So far I believe Bush has delivered on all his promises to those who really matter. I don't think there is anything going on that is not in the rest of the world's best interest to sit down and figure out, far short of the empire going down in flames. At some point the rest of the world has enough control over resources that they can pretty much ignore the empire, when this happens I would expect those who really run this country to sit down with the rest of the world and work up a deal that works for everyone, I think their lives of dependant upon it.