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I think thats a good question. my two cents is that I know people in south africa who have had their whole family wiped out. For instance my uncles best mate lost his grandmother, mother and two sisters when robbers broke into their house abducted all of them, put them in the boot of the car, drove off somewhere and shot them all while they were all inside. That's the worst instance i've heard of but there's plenty more grotesque stories, so I can understand wanting to own a gun as it could come in handy. Having said that, I don't think the US is nearly as bad as SA so I think you guys might be inviting trouble. The other thing is that the guys in SA that I think have the most quality of life are the ones that don't own guns, take the view that if someone breaks in and kills them there's probably not much they could do about it anyway. They live life fairly simply with everything they need in the house but nothing over the top and have insurance just in case of a break in, don't bother with massive security systems etc. I think these guys attitude also helps them avoid trouble for the most part. But the important qualifier here is that most people who live like this are single or retired and don't have a family to protect, but not all. Point is I can understand wanting to protect your family.
I live in SA . . . everyone here knows someone who has been hijacked, robbed, assaulted . . . a close friend of mine in JHB was hijacked a year ago (thats a gun to your head). His 12 yr old son - went walking on a ridge (Westcliff) with a friend and they held up by some young gansters. They were stripped bear and everything was stolen !!! :eek: !!!

That same friend went to see the gorillas in Rwanda . . . there you can buy AK's @ the local market !!!

take a look at these statistics

according to them we take 1st place for gun violence>Homicide>overall homicide rate . . . and 2nd place gun violence>homicides>% homicides with firearms . . .

I lived in a "high risk" area on the coast 9 years ago, very little security - access from beach and road. There were a number of break-in's and attacks along the road, although I got exposure to guns very young (born in a war and my father used to hunt) I hate them - I got a dog (German Shepard) and trained her, she went every where with me - I never had a problem.