Davos Annual Meeting 2009 - Pre-Davos Press Conference

1. Rebuild global financial architecture structure.
2. Global economy, corporation
3. Global warming,(Climate change mentioned 8 times.)
4. Economic wave, new products, services, change.
G-8 CB 7 out of 8 attend,,Bernanke not attending.
G-20 involvement very important. Record number of representatives from China.
US attending, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Kerry, NSA Gen Jones, Geithner still to be confirmed
Larry Summers canceled
Jan. 25 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. financial-rescue program will be “very different” under President Barack Obama than it was under his predecessor, said Lawrence Summers, director of the White House’s National Economic Council.
“Secretary-designate Geithner, we expect, will be sworn into office very soon and when he is, soon after he will be laying out the plans and principles behind our approach,” said Summers, who canceled plans to attend the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Switzerland.