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Thread: A Modest Proposal: New sources of tax revenue in an economic depression

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    Default Re: A Modest Proposal: New sources of tax revenue in an economic depression

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    You guys are amazingly prescient....even when being ironic...
    Strip club opens in Henley

    Residents of the polite Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames are in uproar over plans to open its first strip club.

    Diamonds and Pearls, a venue promising lapdancing and "fun", is set to open this weekend...
    Wow. That'll be quite a change for Henley-on-Thames.

    From a requirement that hemlines must be below the knees [Regatta Steward's enclosure rules - strictly enforced from my observations a few years back]... no hemlines at all. :eek:

    The gin and Jaguar set must be having heart palpitations.
    "...Women cannot wear dresses above the knee or trousers or culottes; men cannot remove their jackets and ties unless it reaches 80 degrees in the shade, the boiling point at which the stewards will make a formal announcement that coats may be shed...

    ...Women are allowed to row in the Henley regatta this year [1993] for the first time in its 154-year history, but there has been no relaxing of the rules on the fashion front. During the week, women wearing short skirts will show up, just to make a statement and get on the evening news, but they will be turned away; Henley is a very carefully cultivated time warp. Stewards have become adept at catching those women who try the "Groucho Marx," as it is known here, a bowed, slump-shouldered walk that some use to give the impression their hemlines are a couple of inches longer.

    "Everyone writes about the women we throw out, but we throw out gentlemen without jackets, too," said Michael Sweeney, a waterworks official from Nottingham and onetime oarsman for Cambridge who is the new Henley chairman. "Every year, we get pressure from half a dozen members who complain that their guests were not allowed in because of their dress. But we get more letters from members saying: 'For heaven's sake, preserve the tradition. Don't let us become like Ascot and Wimbledon.' :p ..."
    btw, if anybody has any money left after this catastrophe finally ends, and you're looking for something truly elegant upon which spend it [remember, ya can't take it with you] there may be some good deals on one of these:

    Bow detail of the beautiful woodwork of a slipper launch moored at Henley-on-Thames, River Thames, Oxfordshire.

    'Slipper launches' are so named because of their graceful sterns and low profiles which give an overall impression of a lady's slipper. Traditionally they display beautiful, highly varnished, and often richly contrasting, exotic woods such as teak, mahogany and obeche.

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