There is no forum to discuss the video's posted on the main page, so I'm going to just put a quick comment in here. The Bush/Cheney administration is the absolute worst leadership this country has seen since Ulysses Grant (or possibly Warren Harding). I know this is more economics/finance/investor focused website, but if there is a USA, Inc, then the President is undoubtedly the CEO, and the Congress the Board of Directors. The Bush administration has been flagrantly fraudulent, greedy, nepotistic, unreasonable, irrational, undiplomatic, and the biggest perpetrators of outright lying rhetoric and propaganda.

I knew, I freakin just KNEW that I should have bought some HAL back in 2003. Stock price is up 3x since '03, before dividends. Duh. The next time a Bush gets anywhere near Pennsylvania avenue I'm buying nothing but oil.

I know this is more just a rant, and not likely to do anything to help the situation, but there I firmly believe there is a definite link between the economy at large and the leadership of our country. IMO I see bearishness right where it is needed at most - straight at the top. The latest video posted is fundamental evidence of this.

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