For the first time, maintstream advice financial sellers promote gold in their mail :

Richard Young

Rich America
Poor America

Washington has great power to destroy wealth, but it has never
possessed the power to create it.

It never will.

We Are On The Brink

We are on the brink of the greatest theft of wealth the world history has ever seen. The heist is in progress.

You have a choice right now: You can be rich or you can be poor. It’s entirely up to you and what you do next.

I’m Dick Young and, sure, I understand the angst. What I don’t understand is why so few people are doing anything about it.

Urgent You Act

Do you believe you are safe in cash?

You have opted for “a terrible long-term asset,” Warren Buffett wrote in The New York Times recently.

Do you believe in stocks, bonds, banks or real estate. Or gold?

Natural Gas Hits $10
The Haynesville Shale discovery is nothing less than the Holy Grail of Natural Gas.

And it is all in the hands of Young’s Intelligence Report’s top gas explorer.

One new gas well is being sunk in Haynesville every 5 days. Each one is wildly profitable at an $8 spot price. At $9, the profits are shameless. At $10, investors can comfortably consider themselves genius Robber Barons.

Dollar Crash—Gold to $2,000

When you think about gold as an investment, you’d be wise to think about the dollar. Gold will go up if the dollar goes down, pure and simple.

And the dollar isn’t just going down. It’s going in the crapper. The dollar has lost all credibility as a currency—especially as a reserve currency.

You, Too, a Billionaire—Zimbabwe-Style

The U.S. is, in dollar terms, bankrupt. How did this happen? Well, there are $800 TRILLION dollars in over-the-counter derivatives floating around in the market.

That’s 10 times the GDP of the WORLD. These dollar-denominated paper assets are likely worthless or close to it.

Which means that the dollar is already...effectively worthless.

Gold Is the Standard

This situation makes gold the de facto reserve currency. Gold alone cannot be devalued or manipulated. It is the safe haven standard of value today, just as it has been for the last 5,000 years.

How high will gold go? I answer with another question: How low can the dollar go? In other words, there’s really no limit.

Hi, Ho Silver!

While the dollar’s crash and the return of global inflation is gold’s friend, it is silver that stands to benefit the most.

Silver becomes the primary currency in a de facto gold standard simply because it is more practical. That’s why silver could go from $11 an ounce to $20 in the next several months, and hit $30 in a year.

In a crash and an economic depression, gold and silver are your best investments. For the 10 years following the Crash of 1929, the Homestake gold mine was the top gainer on the New York Stock Exchange.

Today, though, we can use mutual funds tied to these assets. In your economic report, Bedrock: Gold, Silver, Platinum Now, I lay out for you exactly which silver and gold mutual funds you need to be invested in BEFORE the dollar’s next big drop. Get it here.

And this, my friend, is the expressway.

Demand for gold has increased by almost 940% in the last year—just in the U.S. Did you know that?

The rush to gold is driven by several factors:

Americans have less confidence than at any recent time in their banks, according to a June Gallup Poll. Even bankers don’t trust each other, which is why they refuse to make even overnight loans. So why should you trust them?

Demand for gold, especially in the form of American Eagle coins, is up over 800% in the most recent 14 days. So great has demand been, sales are now SUSPENDED.

In Vietnam, where confidence in paper money is nil, demand for gold doubled in just 6 months.

In Canada, the Royal Mint has run out of gold.

And in Asia, 3 billion people emerging into a new middle class, are putting their wealth on their fingers, not in their bank accounts.
In Bedrock: Gold, Silver, Platinum Now, I tell you about:

Why you should (and how you should) buy bullion.

Which gold coins to buy now—and at the best-possible prices.
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