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Yeah - you're right. I overstated matters. I probably should have said that real estate will be better than some things, not that it would be better than many things.

The key, in any case, is to stay healthy and to stay light afoot financially. The fittest and the fleetest will survive the best .
In hyperinflation, the following investments will be wiped out:
Mortgages (for the grantor)
Currencies: Dollars, Yen, Euros, Swiss Francs, etc.
Money Market Funds

Gold will do well, if capital controls, excessive taxation or other government mischief doesn't spoil it.

During the German hyperinflation, those who held real estate throughout managed to save the capital thus invested . . . but the government froze rents.
quickly shrunk drastically in value, but those who bought a well-diversified list of stocks in solid, well-established companies quite early in the inflation and who held on throughout the period and also through the stabilization crisis saved much or all of their capital.

So, no PCow, you were not wrong . . . real estate IS better than many investments in a hyperinflation.