From Alan Abelson, Barron's 03/03/07

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The almost universal conviction is that Tuesday's plunge was not the start of a full-fledged bear market. Even the savviest sage we know, who has been unequivocally skeptical for a spell now, thinks the odds are against it being the start of a bear market. He reckons there's one more big move up likely and, after that, perhaps a few month hence, stock prices will begin their journey to the nether depths.

Perhaps. But we wonder. That virtually everyone agrees that Tuesday wasn't the start of a bear market strikes us as more than reason enough to suspect it just might be.
The S&P 500 hit 1461.57 on 2/22/07 and then there was 2/27/07 which was a day of "panic selling."

Is the top for this cycle in or does what we have now represent a buying opportunity for more gains to come?

What do you think?