A team in the US has brought the world one step closer to cheap, mass-produced, perfect diamonds. The improvement also means there is no theoretical limit on the size of diamonds that can be grown in the lab.


Can you imagine something like this for gold?

THis is why I can never see the world basing a reserve currency around gold. What happens if the economy becomes structured around gold prices and then suddenly someone finds a way to extract all the gold out of the ocean or something silly like that?

Or hell, they're making hot tub sized nuclear reactors now. What if they find a way to do cheap transmutation with them? (They've already proved that transmutation is possible, just can't do it cheaply)

Suddenly everyone who's money was based on gold is suddenly poor?

The world can not depend on something as arbitrary as gold as a standard of wealth.

Maybe a basket of commodities. However, this basket would probably have to change over time.