President/Vice - Obama/Biden.

I actually looked at all of the 3rd party candidates. Ron Paul is very popular, and I would probably vote for him if he was running on any ticket. But he is not. And Bob Barr is to the right W, as is Chuck Baldwin. Nader and McKinney are extreme left wingers. McCain is actually a better candidate by my reasoning than all of the major 3rd party candidates.

Obama, however, has shown decorum, reason, and has sensible policies that I can see myself agreeing with on many levels, and the fact that he has Volcker and Buffett as economic confidants, seals the deal.

Representative - I am writing myself in. I emailed Waxman that I would not vote for him if he voted for the bailout package, and I will keep my word.

Prop 8 - I'm voting no on this one (and all of them), but this one especially makes me sick that we even have to vote on it. I will be even more sick if this bigoted, segregationist, unconstitutional state constitutional amendment passes. (How can a state constitutional amendment be unconstitutional? It can if it violates the US constitution, and this amendment is in clear violation of article 1 of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.)

God help us all if McCain wins.