Hi All; I Think it is time. To warn People, to move some money into a more diversified form. After the Election, I think we will see all the Bad News. That the Market has been ignoring. Keeping Just some oil stock in USO. I moved all Monies out of the Market. I have bought about 26K in Gold & Silver to keep around the house. and am moving 40K to Ever Banks World Market commodities CDs (Held in other currencies) . I also am keeping the Bulk of my funds in, Weiss short term Treasury only fund. Just in case I will need to move Fast. My worst fear is that Japan, China or some other Country will start selling US Treasury Bonds, That would start a panic in the Dollar. I also bought 10K in the BEARX FUND. I hope to make up for any money lost in the down turn of the market. Can anyone think of any other precautions?