Ego, Arrogance, Money, and Our Government
by Walter Burien - 08/28/08 -

I have had a few reports from the "Joe Six-Pack" readers that they are to[o] busy to read "reports" or complex statements from me as to how government is in plain language "screwing them". They want quick sound bites high-lighted that they can understand and whereby they can skip over everything else. I am told by them they are to busy working twelve hour shifts to pay the bills and complex or long financial disclosure that requires their time and effort to look is beyond their attention span and their will to participate in. So let me give it a try to be clear and simple, with a history outline of individual sound-bites listed in order of importance whereby it brings the issues into focus for the Joe six-pack readers from across the land.

1. Since about the end of the 1800's the United States of America became the wealthiest country on the planet in respect to opening access to natural resources and population productivity. From 1890 to 1929, the people were gaining unprecedented individual wealth and clear ownership of property. This was a first time event on the planet whereby the masses were getting the Lion's share of ownership and retaining almost 100% of their productivity. This did not sit well with the feudal lord mentality and the nobility rights of entitlement mentality. But then, opportunity and centuries of experience came to play for these individuals to change this first time event for the wealth of the nation to be taken from the people and put into their hands and control again through careful plays of orchestrated confusion and inevitable restructuring under their leadership and edict. So, to get the ball rolling along, wars are the best tool to keep the public at bay as you make changes and obtain mass wealth conversion which otherwise you would not be able to have pulled it off. I will not mention names here of which most know who the players were already, only the events used to accomplish the take-over of the wealth from the "individual" into the hands of a few feudal lords of self proclaimed nobility will be mentioned. All steps necessary for the take-over were played out during orchestrated wars.

2. On December 23, 1913, in walks the creation of the Federal Reserve and in 1913, the states ratified the 16th Amendment, (IRS authorization) making taxes on capital gains, dividends, interest, rents, and the like open for the taking. Then WW1 (1914-1919), with massive wealth generated and that wealth changing hands accomplished. Additionally, now the stage was set to start stripping the American people with that new IRS authorization for implemented collection.

3. Well, on the International front the wealth created from WW1 was great but the American people's wealth had increased also and property ownership was unaffected. So, phase two; Strip the wealth from the American People by the old tactic of bait (with greed) and switch (with got ya). October 29, 1929 in walks the Market crash and the great depression. Here the players were able to strip the wealth by conversion from the American people for pennies on the dollar and set into motion the plan to strip them of forward productivity value and property ownership by expansion of IRS collection on the Federal side and assignment of nobility rights of entitlement to the States for their share of the take, through directives to start increasing collection of taxation as local entities. The public from the 1929 collapse was flung into dependency by design and one program and tax after another was implemented to sure-up control of productivity and ownership into the hands of others.

4. Worked well once, so let's do it again, September 1st 1939 WW2 starts and then ends September 2nd 1945, massive wealth changes hands again, taxation grips tighter grabbing a bigger chunk of the productivity value, and done so with little objection from the American People. (The American public was receiving appeasement stipends from those that had consolidated the wealth under their control). The Social Security Act passed on August 14, 1935. Taxes for this were collected for the first time in January 1937. Regular ongoing monthly benefits started in January 1940.

5. Now in 1945 it gets very interesting with a change of strategy. Government had grown into a conglomerate for revenue (wealth) collection and creation but the American public was watching closely and resistant to further increases of wealth taken and control given to government through taxation or regulation. The American public had maintained and were given the illusion they, the American public were in control. The only thing the American public was in control of by this point was how well or resistant they were in digesting the sound-bites and propaganda that was fed them by those who now had consolidated massive control of the newly obtained wealth by war and restructuring of government for revenue collection. The players that had accomplished this realize to maintain their new wealth and ability for control, certain aspects of wealth generation and control needed to be fine-tuned, enforced, and new relevant strategies created. More money taken from and more control of the American people was now honed and fine-tuned into a creative art by the top players. Their was so much money already taken and available, the top players had many eager foot soldiers willing to jump at the bit to play their part for a small piece of the take. Many Government sounding private advisory associations or political parties were created to guide and lead government into the new world order of wealth and absolute control for the 21st century. As it was in the past, further consolidation of the wealth and control of the people would be the focus for the future.

6. In 1945, primarily at the direction of the US Government, the United Nations was founded in 1945 as a force for International control by regulatory and group control to oversee unified control over smaller independent players that could jeopardize the control of the big players. Additionally, it created a body that if necessary could be utilized by any of the big players to quell dissent in the event of revolt from the people and the inability of that government to marginalize or eliminate that dissent.

7. In 1946, Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) was created to guide government from a "pay as you go" structure into a Corporate clearing house for revenue collection and wealth creation where this could be done outside of the view of the American public by only showing the public the pay as you go accounting (tax income) seen in budget reports while at the same time holding back from view the showing of the true wealth being created through total gross income and investment return generated out of view by the American public, but as was necessary on the inside to be accounted for through the government accounting as seen in the Annual Financial Report known as the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). With the CAFR accounting now in place for governments showing total gross income and net worth to the inside players but invisible to the American public by exclusion, the structure for the final take-over of the wealth by government was in place. To be able to pull this off, the players required the full cooperation of the syndicated media, organized education, and the political parties to "tow the line" in silence as the plan was implemented. The big carrot dangled to get the silence was "just look at how much money and investment wealth will be available for us all if you cooperate". These groups at the top were included in with disclosure of the Annual Financial Report transition of government over the last sixty-five years, the American people were not. If the American people had been included, it would have burst the bubble of the illusion that they were in control and would have made visible the fact that government was taking over all of the wealth from the American public by investment, unseen income growth, and easily orchestrated market market manipulations from that wealth held and ever growing and thus the American People would have revolted upon comprehending what their government had developed into and what direction it was going. Thus the silence is golden rule was strictly enforced between the inside players per mention of government's CAFR.

8. From 1946 until 2000, my was life grand for the inside players. Come the year 2000, US Government's (Federal and Local) gross income had blossomed to over 8.5 trillion dollars a year with only 1/3rd of that being tax income. This was greater than the entire gross income of the population which was 8.2 trillion in 1999. US Government had diversified its investments to be both domestic and International investments whereby up on the dollar and interest rates or down on the the dollar and interest rates it really didn't matter to government as long as those moves enhanced their over-all short-term or long-term profits from investments held. The Joe six-packs from the American public were appeased with their SUV's, the sport channel, and ten-thousand sound-bites a day thrown out to entertain them with masterfully played inherent distraction value so that business as usual would maintain and continue unabated. It was known by the inside players that the majority of the American Public was clueless and they could be pulled around by a string looped through their nose whereby any play of the players could be implemented and then backed up by all factions of the empirical corporate government take-over syndicate and their media cooperatives that now had ultimate control.

9. Come 2001, a slight problem started to occur. The American public was becoming restless and resentful to the encroachments and ever growing greed of the government players. Now most of the American population were contained through their conditioning for control fed them through masterfully presented sound-bites rammed down their throats each day from the political parties, syndicated media, and the "in the pocket associations" visible to the public. The problem was coming from those independent thinkers that got a clue and started looking. On June 8th of 1998, I started with national disclosure of the CAFR and the structure behind it. I did about 130 radio programs with independent show hosts not under the thumb of the syndicated media over the next three months. A small percentage of the American people heard the message and for the first time in their lives side-stepped the illusion of implied control of this country in their hands and for the first time started to look at who had taken over and owned the wealth as could be postulated by viewing of government's true accounting document, the CAFR.

As Government's composite ownership was tallied, the clear and indisputable reality of the wealth and degree of gross income was seen. This point was rather hard for digestion to most being that it tore at the core of their belief structure and their well designed indoctrination. But ever so slowly as the months progressed many were "getting it". Keep in mind the take-over by government was complete come 2001 and they surely knew that if the general population managed to side-step the controlled sound-bites and grasped that the American public in reality had zero control as to what had taken place over the last 65 years while the take-over was implemented, all would not be well in money and control land.

The natives could even revolt from the visceral reaction of that new found knowledge of what their government had developed into. Well, time for PLAN B. Time to move the time-tables up for the new world order final control. No more games here. Iron fist action and carefully staged events and regulation were now required, and required to be implemented quickly to keep the masses under thumb and control. The readers here all know what occurred. They were glued to their TV set as each well planed sound-bite unfolded.

I will note that I have heard many complaints from people saying "Why does the syndicated media, politicians, or organized education not do their jobs addressing these issues?" Well, they do an EXCELLENT job! They do exactly what they are paid to do. Look at the money and control involved and they will continue to do the same as long as the control and ownership of the wealth productivity stays as now designed.

Since 2001, events have been staged to transfer wealth in unprecedented proportions. Millions have been killed by intent for wealth transfer. Regulations have been implemented to lock down the entire American population at the whim of the players. The carefully designed controlled sound-bites continue, the illusion is reinforced, and the beat for the inside players goes on virtually without a hitch or of no consequence. The Joe six-pack's are given sound-bites of new TV shows such as cops and jail to be conditioned into "shut up and do as you are told" or countless court room shows of "Judge XXXX" for sound-bite conditioning of "this is how it will be done!"

So Joe six-pack, is that clear enough for you in plain language to know how you have been screwed? You are not going to be able to do anything about it any way. You do not have the wealth or the control to do anything about it anyway. That has been taken from you as shown above by the screwee who created the structure and the accounting you are to busy to learn and comprehend in the first place. But, don't worry, there are a few of us still left that can and will fight this beast in your behalf. We may or may not succeed. But in any event we are trying to the best of our abilities to teach the American public that corrective action is necessary. If we are successful by some odd miracle, then the American public will become the "direct beneficiary" of the standing wealth and the yoke of taxation will be eliminated for all time to come. Productivity earned and ownership held will revert back into the "individual" American's hands.

I must apologize up front for the delay in corrective action as the well greased new world order leaps forward so quickly. The new world order government syndicate has many inside wealthy players, is massive, and well entrenched. There are many players on the inside having pockets stuffed to the hilt with hundred dollar bills and they are very ruthless to their opposition. Their beat, egos, arrogance, and their game is masterfully played out backed with billions of dollars and from their egos and arrogance, the beat must go on for them.

It is trillions of dollars each year feeding many on the inside-track. And keep in mind, those from within politics that are presented to you for your vote of approval are hand selected and then promoted by the syndicate as the only visible for you to vote on. The best qualified for your interests will be marginalized into obscurity. The syndicate players will sound-bite you to death with their selected inside player for your choice come election time.

In reality, if Charles Manson and Ted Bundy were the only two candidates presented to the American public as presidential candidates, the debates and conventions then took place, and the elections held, one would be president. May be a low voter turn out, and some rioting in the streets, but one would be President. Don't worry though, we are being given a choice between John McCain (Bush) and Barack Obama (the international players choice). I personally am directing votes for the one individual the syndicate went to great lengths to marginalize and erase from the public's view, Mr. Ron Paul.

Who knows, if the masses by some quirk of unfettered intelligence side-steps the orchestrated sound-bites and reviews Ron Paul's qualifications and intent to be President, whereby upon that review realizes "he is by far the best man for the job" a surprise of all surprises may just break forth to the dismay of the syndicate. Don't keep your fingers crossed, just side step the masterfully created sound-bites and look and make sure all that you know do the same.

If a hundred-million or so of the American public does the same, a very big crack in the syndicates hold over the American public may just develop come election time by verified hand count of the vote and not "electronic tabulation" in regards to that old saying: it is not important how you vote, it is important who counts your vote and how they count it. Electronic result tabulation is a key tool of the syndicate to guarantee results as they wish. Recorded hand counts is the only safe method for the American people in comparison.

Sincerely and truly yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936