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Army and NRC Sign Interagency Agreement

Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) John P. Woodley, Jr., and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Executive Director for Operations Bill Borchardt have signed a revised interagency agreement to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the regulatory processes related to the development of new nuclear power plants and the expansion of existing plants. The two agencies agree to coordinate early in a project's life to ensure that the purpose and need, the suite of alternatives, and evaluation presented in the environmental documentation are suitable for carrying out their respective regulatory responsibilities.

It is interesting to see the differences between our two nations with regard to arguably the most important element, energy, within a long term successful national strategy; here in the UK we just sold out our overall policy, generating capacity, sites for new nuclear power stations and of course, the engineering to the French. Nothing against the French, but would the US ever contemplate such stupidity?