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Thread: America in 24 month's time?

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    Default America in 24 month's time?

    The documentary divided into twelve parts tells the story of how debt combined with political corruption impoverished a nation that was once so rich that the expression "Wealthy as an Argentine" was once in common use throughout the world.

    When the USA took on trillions in debt starting in the early 1980s, did we enter a Dante's hell as Argentina did when it took on its debt under a military dictatorship in the 1970s? Is it only a matter of time before US debts lead inexorably to currency crisis, inflation, and political chaos? The story will strike North Americans as uncomfortably familiar.

    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

    Part V

    Part VI

    Part VII

    Part VIII

    Part IX

    Part X

    Part XI

    Part XII

    See also: Argentina and the U.S. - Troubling similarities

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