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Well, I quit the The Oil Drum because I couldn't stand the "end of the world" stuff ... I am now mostly shunned in the "peak oil" world because I couldn't get with the doomer cult program ... and you're calling me a groupie
Dave - here's an artful hint, after long acquaintance with the above denizen: When obliquely (or not so obliquely) referred to as a "groupie" by Metalman, (who has never met you or read your ideas before in his life) your most pungent and acerbic response around here would be to murmur something about "the pot calling the kettle black". Trust me, it goes straight to the spot, like a homing pigeon.

Lots of good stuff over at the Oil Drum, in amongst the over-the-top doom. Admittedly some of those guys need to take a Prozac on their gloomier days. After spending a little time at iTulip however you'll get a much needed tonic to your recent overdose of gloom from the Oil Drum, as they are almost reflexively dismissed in this community. That is, dismissed despite some of their yeoman's work on the oil predicament having indirectly informed iTulip's own views over the past few years.

This community takes an "optimistic view" of the future's yawning energy shortfall. "Doom is for dummies, and stopped clocks", that's the motto here. Meanwhile, I'm still rummaging around looking for the "credits" regarding the Oil Drum's groundwork on the original Peak Oil issue here in the fine print where the topic has been "picked up" by iTulip in more recent years, but I must be getting nearsighted, as I've been singularly unsuccessfull finding any reference to them!

Welcome to the iTulip Zoo. And Metalman calling you a groupie, without so much as a preliminary introduction? ... that's a bit much.