Well, the quarterly statements from the 401K's at work got a hard look. Since I have been right about a few things money-wise (thanks itulip), management has invited me to a meeting with the 401K managers. The fund offerings are doing pretty miserably.
Given the ongoing themes discussed here (and know many of you here despise mutual funds--but it is what it is), are there any candidate funds that anyone is aware of that may do well in the expected mid-long term?
Instead of just pointing out how badly things are going, it may look better if I can offer some examples of what we may be looking for to be evaluated by all the parties involved.
I have been thinking of some, such as MERKX, Hussman Total Return (lately), I am ambivalent of his Strategic Growth Fund.
While it may not be the time buy hard assets right now, there will be opportunities during corrections--what kinds of mutual funds exist that would work for this? Is MERKX the best dollar hedge available?
Thanks for input--I know this site is not about investement advice directly--but I would like to offer some candidate funds for evaluation by my management.
To give everyone a feel for the climate--I had to argue bitterly for a treasury only backed MM fund last summer--they could not figure out what I was on about. Well, after some unpleasantness in the other MMF--I looked liked a guru.
Thank You in advance.
PS--you should see the performance of the "RE" funds.