Flame of the forest (butea monosperma) is a quick growing tree that bears bright red flowers. It is also known as ‘bastard teak’, Butea gum tree, etc and is usable as an Ayurvedic medicine. The Sanskrit name is Palasa.

The bark of butea tree secretes red resin, known as butea gum, which is used in the Ayurvedic Treatments of diarrhea, dysentery etc. The tree is also usable as a timber.

Cheru narakam (Citrus Limon) is the common citrus lemon which is commonly used in lemonades and for pickling. The lemon tree produces small fleshy fruits, which gives a sour-tasting juice. Citric acid is the component that gives the sour taste.

This perennial tree grows 10-20 ft high. Stem and branches bear thorns and dark green aromatic leaves. It has carminative properties and can be regarded as an Ayurvedic herb too. It acts against such diseases like scurvy. Citrus Limon belongs to the family Rutaceae.

The climbing palas (Butea superba) is a fast growing wild tree that produces bright red flowers. Butea superba is believed to have aphrodisiac properties and sexual enhancing properties beneficial for both men and women. The extracts from tuber are taken for such sexual enhancer products.