This is off-topic, but it seemed like the best place to post the question:

I've been listening to some of Dr. Hudson's lectures via MP3, and in a few of them he has paraphrased a statement made by Alan Greenspan to the effect of:

"How is that we have been able to achieve the miracle of economic growth with consistently flat wage growth? Answer: inflated real estate values. People are so strapped by the size of the mortgages they have taken on that it acts as a de facto preemptive strike-breaker. People simply can't afford to go on strike because they won't be able to make their jumbo mortgage payments."

I'm interested in finding the exact quote, versus Dr. Hudson's summary of same. I did a little Googling on the topic, but did not come up with anything, and am wondering if any ITulipers know what it's genesis might be or where I could find it?