i'm interested in knowing what other people are reading to inform their investing. [you can keep the mysteries and beach books to yourselves.]

my own reading:

weekly- free
john hussman's weekly column at hussmanfunds.com - hussman is one of the clearest thinkers i've come across. i've been following his thinking for about 10 years, having subscribed to his newsletter before he started his mutual fund. i invested in his fund early and at one point i held about 1/10 of one percent of his funds assets. i wish that were still true since his fund is now about 2 billion dollars.

weekly free
john mauldin's column at 2000wave.com mauldin is another clear thinker and no idealogue. he is acutely aware of risk but not petrified by it.

daily subscription
bill fleckenstein's column at fleckensteincapital.com fleck is a bear and runs a shorts only hedge fund. he gives daily market commentary that i find useful in informing my evolving understanding of the financial markets.

daily subscription
richard russell's remarks at dowtheoryletters.com russell is the dean of advisors, having started his advisory service over 50 years ago. he is not a permabear or permabull. he called the market bottoms in 1948 and 1956, and the top around '66. he called the top in '99 [close enough]. in recent years he's been recommending precious metals but he not a long term gold bug. a sensible guy with a lot of perspective.

weekly susbsciption
barron's - i look at it online each week, and read only a bit of it, but sometimes there's something interesting.

quarterly free
jeremy grantham's column at gmo's website. grantham is another towering figure in the investment world. he's the g in gmo, which runs i don't know how many billions in many different markets. he believes in mean reversion and value. he's a perceptive writer.

monthly free
bill gross' column at pimco.com. gross is the bond king, head of pimco which runs 500 billion dollars. [a lot of money]. he's a clear thinker and a good writer and worth paying attention to. i often will read paul mcculley's monthly column at the same websit - he gives good insight in the money markets and interest rates.

twice a week subscription
contraryinvestor.com no idealogues, lots of info, lots of charts that i don't see elsewhere. good perspective. run by investment professionals who prefer anonymity.

daily free
fullermoney.com some interesting tidbits here

weekly subscription
ecri has the best economic forecasting track record in the business. i subscribe to their "lite" service which gives me a weekly look at their weekly growth index and weekly future inflation guage. this is to keep me grounded and as an antidote to my habit of seeing recession on every horizon. currently their signals are saying no recession in sight.

i also subscibe to marc faber's letter and fred hickey's tech stock letter, but although they are good reading i'm not sure they're worth it for me.

so what do YOU read?