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Thread: Nanoparticles to Make Hydrogen Cheaper than Gasoline

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    Pithy quote Rajiv.

    << For anyone who understands the basics of ecology—having to do with relationships between population, resources, and carrying capacity—nothing could be clearer. But for those who insist on seeing only technical problems with technical solutions, the forest remains lost from sight behind a single tree. >>

    We might consent to remember that massive change of basic societal paradigms throughout human history has only ever found it's galvanizing spark in harsh crisis. No "well-planned transitions" ever occurred, when the fundamental paradigms of an era's social and industrial organization were challenged. Why should it be different this time?

    Metalman - I welcome you to put your objections to Rajiv here. For myself, I have none.


    FROM A ROBERT NEWMAN SKIT - HISTORY OF THE WORLD BACKWARDS (Seventeenth century Duchess contemplating the 20th Century in her past):

    The mighty Lucy Liemann! Here she is playing the science-mad Duchess of Padua, patron to Galileo and Kepler. She collects antique junk technology from 400 years ago and together the three of them try to work out what this salvage might have been used for back in the 20th and 21st centuries, be it a Sat Nav or a solar panel.


    This is Colin Macfarlane playing a character called Dougie Fredericks - in a story which runs through episode 3 and ends in a song and dance number. He is so real and so absorbed in every role he plays that when you act in a scene with him you lose yourself in it like a game of make-believe when you were a kid.
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