I am just looking at San Francisco Airport's mean temperature for December 2007 at 49.5F which is exactly normal at 49.5F; and January 2008 at 48.4F, 1.0F below the monthly normal of 49.4F.

Nearly every month's mean temperature since and including the months of 2005 has been below normal. See for yourself at www.wrh.noaa.gov/mtr. Then click onto Local Climate and pull-up SF Airport Monthly Means. Or check the other sites around the region: Oakland Airport, San Jose Airport, Moffett Field, etc. and do the same.

Understood that La Nina ( which is the current phase of water temperatures in the Pacific ) tends to bring below normal temperatures in California and that El Nino does the opposite, what is remarkable is how little has changed in the climate of central California--- and just the opposite of what the global warming alarmists would have you believe.

In other words, the current La Nina chill is nicely cancelling the past El Nino's warmth, and the temperatures at SF Airport prove it.

And we have the global warming alarmists who are now telling you on radio commercials in SF that California is now in drought and that water needs to be rationed. But as of yesterday, California's snow pack was at 120% of normal for this date in the season--- which is remarkable in La Nina because La Nina tends to bring drought.

So, if we are running normal or above normal snow pack in La Nina, just think of how much above normal the snow pack will be in the next El Nino due 2011 or 2012.

Go check my facts at the same web-site above. Pull-up the entire California rainfall table, by location. And all sites are near normal or slightly above normal for this date--- which is remarkable and just the opposite of what the global warming alarmists would have you believe.

So, if the arctic ice sheet is gone, why is the climate remarkably unchanged, at least in California? And I think the same findings ( little change ) can be had throughout the world, but check for yourself.

Common-sense would dictate that if the sea level is unchanged--- and sea level is stable--- the world's climate is stable. But don't confuse the global warming alarmists (at BBC or CBC or in Greenpeace or the Sierra Club) with some hard facts on sea level and mean temperature.