The Sqwak Box this morning...

Yaz: "No, I mean, inflation would be the best...Inflation, Inflation, let's run around like chickens with our head cut off. You want inflation. Inflation would save most Americans. They've got payments that they have to make and their assets are now worth less. That would be a great salve. A little bit inflation would be a wonderful thing."

Diane: "I mean c'mon, the inflation we are seeing at the pump and you know, at food stores, this is not easy stuff for the middle class."

Yaz: "Thats not inflation. That is a response to the dollar weakening and it's already in the market. Inflation is not prices going up and taxes, if you raise the price of oil, all you've done is the raise the tax on this economy. That's not inflation. That's, that's a dreadful arguement."