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This is history replaying, in the 1960's we were told the revolution was coming, coming.......coming. Then we had a collapse in the 70's. .....this IS it the Revolution IS here......Yes it was.............The THATCHER/REGAN REVOLUTION.............& all the wine-ing little brats, cut their hair shut their gobs & bought BMW's.

.....& they lost interest the lower classes!
Certainly it is history rhyming. But each time it cycles back to this, our people are worse, socially. Civility was greater in the 60's than it is now. Society was more polite, more courteous, less narcissistic. Now, everyone is starting to go for the throats.

Masks and social distancing break some of the most powerful, primal bonds between primates, and make no mistake, we are primates. Primates are the most violent, vicious animals on earth. In order to manage our violence we invent religions and morality to govern our actions and rules of etiquette to govern our interactions.

Those things are all but GONE now.

With masks hiding our faces and social distancing barring us from the comfort of a simple touch and a smile, people are feeling psychological stress that they have never been before.

Masks and social distancing are causing people to depersonalize "others." We don't get the facial cues we need from each other to gauge friend or foe, to decide if a perceived slight is innocent or deliberate. From depersonalization, it's just a short step to violence and homicide.