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    Walking Bella today thinking about this guy.

    His cars are badly built, I mean they appear to hand spray the cars & the customer "care" is a joke.
    He cornered the market & I must give him credit for some things, he made EV's sexy, he sold vastly more than I thought possible .......the performance is stunning not just in a straight line either, the model 3 performance has taken BMW's 3 series market!

    I would have thought the battery packs would have started to die in large numbers but they have not.
    He has pointed the way ahead...............but.

    His sales are down even though he has new factory production & Model Y.

    Can't help but think the Model 3 is taking sales from the more profitable models........and is he making a profit on the model 3?

    The other car producers are now arriving with their EV's.....Audi/Jag/MERC & Porsche whom have topped the Model S. Most worring is FORD, the MACH E a class act. They all give vastly better service as well, I mean who's going to sort a problem out for you Tesla or Ford?

    WE had many a smart person try to "Do a Tesla".....even DYSON, whom reseach tells him that no one makes money on EV sales.

    ..........then there is the little matter of the Virus & the collapse in the Economy.....not many rushing out the buy his very expensive EV's?

    He able to get away with sh1t that no other company could, I mean just think if Honda had an Auto-pilot like his! would be Pinto 2.0 !
    He is even able to give the finger to the SEC............not many do that.

    I am convinced that he is "Protected" but I wonder if he is "in the Loop" or a "Useful idiot" ?

    Once he has forward "They" agenda will they do a "Pump & dump" & short him all the way down?

    Just thinking.
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