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    ..China mystifies. seems to have become belligerent on so many seems to be assuming the rest of the world can't live without China. Assuming the upcoming election and the pulling down of the remaining statues (are there any left?) will keep the USA distracted indefinitely is a risky gambit.
    China does indeed mystify. But it seems to act rationally and logically - the more important the issue, the more well considered it's actions seem to be.

    For the border squabbles, those seem less important to the Chinese state overall, and therefore more likely to be the actions of local authorities or commanders acting impulsively. For the big economic contest with the U.S., China seems to understand that there is no national policy. American companies act individually. In fact, the U.S. openly advocates leaving business policy up to businesses. Therefore China can pick off companies one-by-one, offering attractive deals to bring them into China to build plants and reveal technology. It has worked like a charm and is still underway.

    I don't see how China needs the U.S to be distracted to achieve it's goals. No doubt China likes the distractions of US political turmoil to make its work easier, but I don't think it's a gambit that China is executing, and I don't think China would care much if it ceased. They've hollowed out US manufacturing and commerce well enough for twenty or thirty years regardless.

    Imagine if China unilaterally stopped shipping anything to the US, a sudden Chinese embargo. US store shelves (including Amazon) would go half bare in two weeks for retail goods and electronics, and the industrial supply chains would halt in two months for lack of critical piece-part components for automobiles, aircraft, and heavy machinery. Such a move would certainly hurt the US more than China. The Chinese goods would eventually re-route to come to the US indirectly through other countries, so China would not lose the sales and income, but the US would pay higher prices and suffer painful disruptions.

    Like it or not we've allowed China to become indispensable. Sure, the US has abundant farm land and oil fields, but we'd soon not have farm tractors, food packaging, or replacement parts to keep the oil refineries operating. We'd run out of bread and gasoline just the same, with the crops rotting in the fields and the oil stuck in the ground.
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