A thread to see how this important sector fares in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Today, news from Airbus. Nobody flyin' planes, therefore nobody buyin' planes.
I had to include the quote about "...industrial vandalism...". There seems a great deal of fantasy thinking in the world today.


Coronavirus: Plane-maker Airbus to cut 15,000 jobs

June 30, 2020

Aerospace giant Airbus says it plans to cut 15,000 jobs as it deals with the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

It will cut 1,700 jobs in the UK, along with thousands more in Germany, Spain and elsewhere.

The move is subject to talks with unions which have opposed compulsory redundancies.

The Unite union said the Airbus announcement was "another act of industrial vandalism" against the UK aerospace sector.

Some 134,000 people work for Airbus worldwide, with around a tenth of them in the UK...