A lot of entities are milking this for all it's worth and the timing couldn't be better for them, but that doesn't erase the fact that racial injustice is real and terrible, and solutions are long overdue. The lockdown and destroyed economy have fueled the rage. In places where the police and protesters threw out the Antifa scum and general troublemakers, the protests continue, nonviolently. The police here have been walking with the protestors, protecting them. This feels like the beginnings of a real movement, not something that is going to blow over for the next news cycle.

I think Trump blew it big time. His actions and rhetoric have long given the impression that his only tool is a hammer, and that seems to be the case now. A president needs to be able to rise above partisianship, no matter how foul. A president needs to be able to unify, inspire, lead. He ain't doing that. He knows how to bully and bluster but when that doesn't work he's got nothing to fall back on except threats of force. When protesters are protesting systemic violence, that's like pouring gasoline on the fire.

If he wins in 2020, I think he will be crippled in negotiations with congress, other leaders and heads of state who have figured out his play book. Even if he's right and they're wrong, he won't be able to negotiate with people who have gotten tired of being treated like nails.

A lot of people who voted for Trump are diehard true believers who will vote for him again no matter what. A lot more, I suspect, are disappointed if not outright disgusted. His winning margin in 2016 was so narrow, I don't think he can win again if he loses enough of those votes now. But Biden is just terrible! Both the 2-party system and the financial system are rotten to the core, and people are seeing this. Both systems have failed us and both systems are teetering on the verge of collapse. If ever there was a time when a third party candidate could galvanize voters and pull off a win, this is it.