The economic bloodbath started with the mass global lockdown to prevent a healthcare bloodbath.

I am truly amazed at a time the British economy is rolling over into a canyon (being mistaken as merely a ditch) the populace are expending all their energy on Dom outrage.

Your media (who were uniformly anti-Brexit), the civil service (who were uniformly anti-Brexit) and the City of London bankers & financiers (who were uniformly anti-Brexit) would love nothing better than to see the two key political players who broke the 3 year logjam and achieved what the voters voted for, BoJo and Dom, tossed out so they can unwind the "mistake".

You folks on the bridge of the Empire, steering the mothership have far, far more important issues that need your immediate attention. A trade arrangement with the EU for example. Dealing with the centrifugal forces trying to partition the UK for another. And what to do about the Pound, which looks to be setting up for another fall against the US$, accompanied by more capital flight from the Kingdom.